Vanakkam! Namasté! Welcome to my blog. Here, I try to put forth my best recipes that would inspire one to cook. Being the grand daughter of one of the most appreciated culinary experts in my family, I try to learn and unlearn new and innovative recipes everyday to woo my husband and my dear family.  I take my Grand mom and my Mom as my inspirations as I look up to their judgement of taste and flavour.

Though my culinary experience has just been for a few years, I have had my fair share of good and bad encounters in the kitchen. Being a foodie myself, I see the world through my taste buds as I often link each culture and lifestyle to their unique blend of savour that they bring to one’s palate.

Being a South Indian (Non Vegetarian) myself and being married to a North Indian (Vegetarian, Partly Jain), gives me the opportunity to explore the best of Indian cuisine. In this blog I will be writing my natal and nuptial family recipes and their distinctive tips and tricks to elevate the dish to a different height.

Follow this page to get recipes of the best Mutton kurma, Mutton Biryani, Moong ka Halwa, Paneer Makhani and much more with videos and detailed instructions with precise measurements to make one’s life simple!

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